About Us

We test our dogs and make sure that we are doing our absolute best to bring healthy and sound puppies into this world. Our dogs are a complete part of our lives and they love the freedom they have on our property to run around and take boat rides at the lake.
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In 2005 we discovered breed that fit into our family and personalities. Spinone Italiano. They are incredible sporting dogs that are so lovable and just want to please you like the Mastiffs. They love to run around, chase balls, carry something in their mouth at all times but then they can be just as content to cuddle up and snuggle with you. We have met several other Mastiff owners who have Spinone because of these traits. Our Spinone love the water and playing in it. They love their Mastiffs too and love to outrun them for the short race to the ball.

I was just informed that I forgot to mention our Foxhound who was rated #5 in the nation in 2008. He is the most incredible dog and claims a spot on our bed (and actually fits and does not hog the space). He is a hound and can be very independent and opinionated. He is extremely intelligent and strong willed. A hound is in a class of dogs who take special training and time to mature and once you overcome that difficult time they are an incredible part of the family. Hounds are not for all families as they are bred for sight and scent tracking. Thus they get on a scent and “might not seem to obey” their owner. They can take much time and training but they are worth the time and energy. They also very cat like and agile. You need to have high fences and yards that are secure or they will get out to track something.

We have had much accomplishments with our Mastiffs, Spinone, and Foxhounds. Numerous dogs have been in the top 20 in the nation and on various televised dog shows and even the Ellen show. Carmen and Spike our Spinone were fortunate enough to be invited to be on the Ellen show in December 2009. That was the most incredible and enlighting opportunity. Loren started showing dogs (see the flashback pictures on the home page) in 1973. He showed large breed dogs in the Pacific Northwest such as St. Bernards, Newfoundlands, Dobermans, Afagans (another hound). Cynthia started showing in 2001. She got Chewbacca who was the love of her life and is the daddy and grandfather of many of Mastiffs. She watched the Westminster dog show and got the crazy idea that she could do that too. Off she went to the Santa Clara dog show with Chewbacca who was only nine months old. She did not know anything about what they do at the show or how to properly show a dog. She was fortunate enough to meet some Mastiff people who spent some time giving her tips and instructions before she went into the ring. The judge was also very patient and helpful giving her a little extra time to show what an incredible dog she was handling and he did not discount the dog for the amature handling. Chewbacca won his first points toward him championship!!!!! And Cynthia was now addicted to showing. Since that time Loren and Cynthia have established themselves very succesfully in the show ring.

We welcome anyone to come to visit us at our home, which can be a long but beautiful journey. You can make a weekend of it and enjoy some of the wonderful wineries in the San Luis Obispo County region (over 270 wineries). We open our home to you to meet us and all our wonderful dogs. We want you to make sure our breeds fits your family style and the best way to determine that is to meet our dogs up close and personal.

Best Regards,
Cynthia & Loren Boe 805-235-4911